About Gemstone Onyx

About Gemstone Onyx

Onyx is a parallel banded variety of chalcedony. Both Onyx and agate are varieties for chalcedony, the only difference is that Onyx has parallel bands, for Agate these are curved. It’s important to note that the Onyx bands have varied colors, everything from red to a variety of other unique color options. The name of this gemstone comes from Greek, and it means either fingernail or claw. The reasoning behind this is that Onyx with some white bands and flesh colored bands can resemble a nail

Onyx history

Onyx has been used as a gemstone and for multiple purposes starting the Roman Empire days. In fact, it has a very long history for jewelry and hardstone carving. It was also used for intaglio engraved gems for a very long time. Some produced Onyx by staining Agate. 

Aside from the Roman times, Onyx was also used in Egypt during the second Dynasty. The interesting thing is that it was used mostly for creating pottery and bowls. It was also used in the Minoan Crete art too, more particularly in locations such as Knossos. It’s also important to note that Onyx was mentioned in the bible multiple times.

During the modern times, Onyx was widely used more specifically for things like art deco sculptures during the 1920s and 1930s. Numerous hotels like Hotel de la Paiva in Paris have amazing yellow Onyx décor. Then there’s the Mariinsky Theatre that has yellow Onyx in the lobby.

Onyx benefits

Onyx is widely known for being a stone that brings in strength and stamina. On top of that, it’s the type of stone associated with vigor and constancy. This is also a stone of firmness, self-control and it can have a very positive impact on your confidence level. It’s a very good idea to have Onyx jewelry if you’re looking to boost your strength in yourself and fully impact your life in a positive manner. In fact, it’s a great stone for encouraging good fortune and happiness in your life.

When it comes to health benefits, Onyx is associated with things like treating blood, bone marrow and bone disorders. It’s known to be very beneficial for your feet and teeth in the long run. If you’re looking for a gemstone that can empower your decision-making naturally and also enhance your self-control, this is the right one to focus on. Plus, it helps you become at ease with your surroundings. You will feel calmer and every situation will be easier to manage.


It’s a good idea to wear Onyx if you’re looking for a very distinctive, unique and powerful gemstone. It’s very different, and the thing that makes it stand out is its amazing features and how much of a positive impact it can have on your life. It’s well worth trying out, especially if you want to bring in a very positive shift to your day to day life for the long term. At the same time, it’s a great gemstone for empowering you, motivating you to stay constant and push your mind to the next level!

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