Stainless Steel X Gems Launch

Stainless Steel X Gems Launch

We are glad to be launching our brand new products featuring gemstones and stainless steel. The official launch date of this product is on 16/09/2018. We have spent several weeks managing and planning this product's arrival and now you could see first hand of our sneak preview. 


The Stainless Steel x Gems is a collection of gemstones that have been hand assembled or Designed piece by piece together skill-fully by Lance Keith. 

Each Individual piece from the Stainless Steel Series has been curated and assembled with the best stainless materials and put together with gemstones that have been curated and hand polished by our craftsmen in Thailand.
Each piece of Gemstone or Mineral in this series is set in Thai Silver. 

Our Stainless Steel is Rust resistant and most of our stones used are faceted and polished to a high sheen finishing. 


To purchase , head over to our Stainless X Gems tab on the catalog page or visit us at our pop ups which can be found on our events page or also our instagram and facebook page 

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