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Lancekeithco was founded since late 2014s and has been running outdoor events and pop-up markets ever since. We carry an array of products specially curated or handmade, ranging from Gemstones Jewelry to Raw Pieces. 

Every product by us has a background and story as to how we come upon it or source it in our travels.

Our stones are all sourced ethically, working with trusted suppliers we sourced physically overseas, our team ensures all sources are mined without use of child labour. We ensure this by building rapport and trust with our suppliers we meet only through our physical trips. No product sources are from online wholesale platforms to ensure clarity of our values. 

Our suppliers are mainly, Thais, Afghanistan, Pakistanis and Indians residing in Thailand, who are also known for being skilled in their crafting, jewelry, gemstone and workmanship. 


Our Beliefs

Here at Lancekeith, we believe in the benefits of gemstones and crystals. Each crystal or stone has its traditional uses for physical and emotional healing, don't be afraid to believe and try out the perceived properties of our products. Believing is the first key step to opening up your body, mind and soul to the vibrational energy of gemstones. 



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*if you would like to collect an order placed online via our webstore, do inform us 2 days in advance after making a purchase online.


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