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Green Rutilated Bracelet

Green Rutilated Bracelet

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 Beads : Natural Stones, Green Rutilated Quartz (Green Tourmaline included Quartz) 

 Tourmalines in quartz are found commonly in form of needles and rods. However, green tourmalines are extremely rare. Green tourmaline in quartz is a perfect combinatison of healing properties of green tourmaline and quartz both. While green tourmaline instills joyousness in one’s life with its unique vibration, the quartz is known for its amazing ability to augment the powers and properties of other stones. Green crystals often help in establishing strong connection with Mother Earth and so does the green tourmaline. Opening and stimulating the heart chakra, the green tourmaline in quartz helps in establishing electromagnetic link with the earth. Green tourmaline in quartz shows superb vibration. The quartz is an awesome magnifier and it lets the green tourmaline work with even more power and energy. The popular name for Green Tourmaline is Verdelite which is mostly used in businesses and trading.



* Due to nature of natural stones/gemstones, some stones are known to have irregularities and Imperfections, no two beads are similar or perfectly Symmetrical.

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