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[Elysium Earrings Series I] Plumeria Emerald Earrings

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Plumeria Emerald Earrings

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Plumeria symbolises positivity and is used in leis to celebrate special occasions.

Like many other flowers, plumeria has a strong meaning of Symbolism for those who choose to acknowledge the reason.

Among some triats associated with the flower such as beauty, purity and health, other meanings stand for the arrival of springtime and new beginnings.

If you have a friend who is starting a new venture, beginning a new job or moving to another area, you might want to consider gifting them with this token to wish them luck.

The celebration of life with a Newborn baby is another great way to utilise the positive spiritual antics of the plumeria flower. 

This earring is inspired by the Hawaiian Plumeria species of flowers with 5 petals. 


Set in 925 Silver With Emerald Gemstones this is a piece that will get people talking. 

 Earrings Size : 7.6mm 

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